Back in June we launched a design competition to find the designer of Brighton’s first single-use packaging ‘environmental impact warning sticker’!

Waste reduction is key in our effort to become a low carbon society AND to reducing ocean pollution, we’re hopeful that these stickers will act as an awareness raiser and reminder that we should all be trying to reduce the amount of single use packaging we consume, and to be more responsible about where the packaging we do consume ends up.

We were looking for a Brighton focused, light hearted, impactful design that highlighted the impact that single-use coffee and pint cups have on our immediate coastal environment as waste pollution. We asked that the design included the Leave No Trace Brighton logo so we can direct the purchasers to information and carbon impact calculators (in development) on our website.

Out of a number of seriously outstanding designs submitted, we were absolutely delighted to announce that Phil Corbett aka @squidlingking’s fantastic series of designs have been chosen for Brighton’s first single use packaging environmental impact sticker

HUGE, sincere thanks to everyone who entered, we recieved some incredible designs from Matt Traini-Cobb, Tiffany Beucher and Kai Hilton!

The single-use packaging environmental impact sticker, which is biodegradable and ecologically sound (printed using plant based inks), will be found on single-use coffee cups and other single-use food packaging at Sea Lanes Brighton (to start with!) Keep your eye out for the stickers and let us know what you think!
NB: Sea Lanes Brighton are in the process of phasing out single-use takeaway packaging. Huge thanks to Sea Lanes Brighton for trialing them for us, keep you eye out for them and let us know what you think!

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