Residents of Brighton, Hove and beyond, we need your help! This is a call to arms!  Take action to help preserve the health of our coastal environment NOW, and for future generations! Take action and be part of a SUMMER OF CHANGE!
Help to reduce, clear and stem the tsunami of rubbish that gets left on Brighton’s beaches and green spaces, by committing to this three simple actions this summer:

1.PLEASE DISPOSE YOUR RUBBISH RESPONSIBLY. In to a bin with capacity, or take it home. Please do not leave it bagged or otherwise beside the bin.

2. REDUCE WASTE! CARRY & USE A REUSABLE COFFEE OR PINT CUP!  Only 1 in 400 single use coffee cups ends up being recycled, and the UK gets through 100 million single use plastic drink cups per year, most of which end up destined for landfill or energy recovery. Second only to the US, the UK produces and consumes more plastic waste per person, then any other major countries.


3. #TAKE3FORTHESEA! Land based activities are responsible for around 70% of all marine litter pollution. Collect and clear (into a bin with capacity) three pieces of rubbish EACH AND EVERY TIME you visit one of Brighton’s beaches or green spaces.

These three small actions, made collectively, will go a long way to reducing unnecessary waste and marine pollution, and will help keep our beaches clean and safe for everyone (including our wildlife!) to enjoy.
Leave No Trace Brighton will be based at Brighton Train station throughout the summer holidays asking visitors to help us take action, and to commit to the SUMMER OF CHANGE action points during their stay – as a seafront loving community let’s lead the way and show all our visitors just how it’s done! 
We are also committed to partnering and supporting seafront venues and businesses who are striving to ‘do their bit’ by reducing waste and eliminating single use packaging in favour of reusables, switching to greener energy sources, recycling more and committed to hosting regular community beach cleans throughout the summer.  We will be shouting about these green business venues A LOT this summer, as the work and effort put in to implement greener operating systems and practices, in these considerably uncertain COVID times, is heroic.  
We are on this! THE SUMMER OF CHANGE! Please share this call to arms and help your community make it happen, take action and get involved TODAY! 
Thank you. 
Special thanks to:
Sea Lanes Brighton for partnering as ambassadors and assistance with SUMMER OF CHANGE campaign funding. 
The Postman for creating the artwork for the SUMMER OF CHANGE campaign, figure headed by Brighton’s own Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, and Sir David Attenborough.

Our posters can be found with a QR link to the SUMMER OF CHANGE Campaign, on the deckchair boxes on Brighton Seafront.

…and to SWAT Marketing for their support and assistance. 

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